Plate Bender Machine Capacities
8’ x 3/8" Capable of right angle bends.
4’ x 1/2
4’ x 1/2
3’ x 9/16
2.5 metres x 10mm
1.23 metres x 13mm
1.00 metres x 15mm

Each capacity can bend cones, square to rounds, lifters and various other capabilities. Folding and bending plates is cost effective and reduces the need for welding as the process creates a continuous bend.


Used for shearing plates up to 10mm capacity.

Metal Worker 12mm Capacity

Used for shearing angles, punching holes, cutting round bars and flat bars.

Plate Roller

Used for rolling flat plates into specific diameters up to 10mm thick capacity by 
2.5 metres long.


Mobile diesel welding 
MIG welding in workshop
MMA in workshop